Sunday, February 7, 2010

Had a great service today, I am excited about the direction our ministry is going. It's not easy de-churching the church, religion is a powerful influence, but relationship is a fruitful and freeing. I hope this blogging is an avenue for me to reach some people who want to see the real deal of being in relationship with Christ. Legalism and spiritual manipulation really turn my stomach, it's simply God's grace through faith that makes us all clean in his sight, and gives us an abundant life.


  1. That's how it should be. This whole religion thing or the focus on the religious people,characters and titles u can obtain is crazy.Every one learns how to place on the mask of Christianity rather than a relationship w/God and it's really out of control(in my eyes) And that's the first thing u normally see with in the church and what keeps most people who need and want more away. So this is definitely the direction we should go to reteach and begin to truly teach the youth and the lost trying to find their way and place w/ in Christianity and the church.

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